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Who We Are

First Christian Church in Bowling Green is a vital part of over 4,000 other Disciples of Christ congregations in the United States, with a combined membership of over one million and growing. Our more than 550 new churches with their more than 40,000 new participants makes the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) one of the fastest growing mainline churches in North America. Having no creed but Christ--no book but the Bible, Disciples have simply one creedal statement: "Believing that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of the living God."

Open communion has been a hallmark of the Disciples since their inception. As in the days of the early church and all Catholic and Orthodox churches, the Lord's Supper is central in Sunday services. Believer's baptism is of equal importance to Disciples. A profession of faith in Jesus as Lord and Savior precedes the actual water baptism, by the ancient form of immersion. Though Disciples practice no other form of baptism, they recognize the baptism experiences of persons from other religious traditions. Disciples do practice infant dedications in which parents covenant with God to raise the child in the Christian tradition.

Each congregation of Disciples is autonomous--calling its own pastors and staff members; adopting its own budget; writing its own constitution; and deciding which missions, charities, and benevolence its members wish to support. For the most part Disciples of Christ congregations do align themselves with sister churches at a district, regional, and national level. Such groups provide various gatherings and conventions; camp and conference programs, educational materials; and many church agencies and missions which no single church can provide. Most congregations participate in ecumenical groups and strive towards Christian unity.

The Disciples have parented many colleges, universities, and seminaries. These include Texas Christian, Drake, Bethany, Hiram College, Brite Divinity School, Lexington Theological Seminary, and Christian Theological Seminary. Through the National Benevolent Association of the Christian Church, Disciples share in the support of over sixty homes for the aged and institutions caring for mentally and physically challenged individuals. Home and overseas ministries are extensive. Disciples share in Church World Service, One Great Hour of Sharing and many other interfaith ventures.

From the ranks of our Disciples of Christ congregations, we boast three U.S. Presidents. Many other widely known statesmen, musicians, writers, and pastors trace their roots to our religious community.

There are approximately two hundred Disciples of Christ congregations in Ohio. Together the churches maintain a beautiful camp and conference center at Camp Christian in Magnetic Springs, Ohio.

What We Believe

We at First Christian Church in Bowling Green Ohio invite you to join us
on a spiritual journey.
We seek to follow Christ. We want to walk in his light, love as he
loves and bear spiritual fruit in his name.
We follow him through a commitment to worship, service, prayer, study and Christian community.

Our Mission Statement